Can Minnesota Vikings win a Super Bowl with Kirk Cousins

Will the Vikings with an elite football team can be held back from being able to win a Super Bowl by Kirk Cousins?

In the early part of the 2019 NFL season the Minnesota Vikings define themselves at a strong 2-1 win. The Vikings win over the Oakland Raiders in Week 3’s blowout after getting back into the victory column, they are charting the course towards Miami for Super Bowl LIV when having  seemed to have righted the ship. But will anything end up preventing them back from hoisting the Lombardi Trophy finally?

On this week’s Stacking the Box episode, Josh Hill of FanSided along with , former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz and Matt Verderame discuss what can be the Vikings’ Achilles’ heel this season.

On the “Pass or Run”segment, Hill asks Verderame and Schwartz will Cousins be the biggest thing preventing the Vikings from winning a Super Bowl. Verderame answered that they had to run with this. He highlighted that thanks to Dalvin Cook’s emergence within year three the Vikings was having a running game now. This was a very good team which needs to get better play out of Cousins performance in the coming weeks.

It’s painfully obvious, for the first time since the 1970s if Minnesota Vikings wants to win the Super Bowl, quarterback Kirk Cousins has to perform better.

Schwartz said that he was going to run with this because Cousins didn’t play well against the better teams, which is how he think we should evaluate quarterbacks. He would compare with a Detroit Lions division rival’s quarterback Matthew Stafford with Kirk Cousins by stating that for much of their NFL careers both signal-callers have struggled to defeat above 500 teams.

Both Schwartz and Verderame bring up some good points. Minnesota Vikings finally has a running game, that means things become easier for Cousins.