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About the site What can I do on the site?
On the Vikings Fans website members create personal profiles, photo galleries, blogs, video galleries, communities and more in order to connect with other Vikings fans and the Vikings organization.Who can join this community?
Anyone 13 years or older can join the community.Is there a fee to use this community?
There are no fees involved with this community. We simply want to provide a place for Vikings fans to get together.
The site tools What is My Profile page?
Your profile page is your starting line. It’s where you share your stats and interests with your teammates and access your blog, highlight reels and trading cards.What is my Playbook?
Your playbook is a place on your profile page where you can post comments for your teammates to see or they can post comments to you. It is similar to the Wall feature on Facebook.What is my blog?
Your blog is your own personal online journal where you can write about anything you want to share. To set up a blog, simply choose Edit next to your blog on your profile page.What are My Trading Cards?
Your Trading Cards are your photos that you wish to share with your teammates. You can upload pictures from your computer or add links to photo albums that you have online.Help! Where do I find my Facebook photo album link?
To create a link directly to one of your Facebook albums, login to your Facebook account; go to the album you wish to link to and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find a prompt box similar to the one below.

Help! Where do I find my Flickr album link?
To create a link directly to one of your Flickr albums, login to your Flickr account; go to the album you wish to link to and select “Share this set” from the top navigation. Choose “Send the link yourself” and click on the button “Get the link”. This will generate a link that looks similar to the one below.

What are My Highlight Reels?
Your Highlight Reels are videos that you wish to share with your teammates. You can upload videos from your computer or add links to videos online.

Help! Where do I find my YouTube link?
To create a link directly to a YouTube video, go to the video you wish to link to and select “Share Video” from the navigation below the video. A pop-up will appear with the URL link to share. It will look similar to the image below:

How do I add teammates?
Your teammates are your friends. They are members that you have chosen to add to your team. If another member asks to be your teammate, you have the option to Accept or Reject their request. To add someone as your teammate, go to their page and select Add me as teammate from the lefthand side of the page.

How do I create a community?
You can create a community by selecting Communities from the main navigation. Firstly, choose a community name and enter a brief description of what your community’s main interest will be. The next step is to choose the access level of your community. This defines whether your community is open to all members to modify or only for you to manage. Lastly, upload an image for your community logo and select Create the community.

How do I delete a community?
To delete a community that you have created, select the Delete Community button on your event page. A pop-up window will ask you to confirm the deletion. Select Yes, retire the community to confirm the deletion.

How do I add members to my community?
You can request teammates join your community by sending them an invitation from the community homepage. Select the teammates you would like to add or choose Select all to invite all of your teammates.

How do I delete members from my community?
You can manage teammates in your community by selecting Manage Community Teammates from within your community. Keep in mind, once you have deleted a member from your community they cannot join again.

How do I create an event for a community?
You can add an event to a community by selecting Events from the main navigation. Choose to create an event, add the Event Title; Event Description; Start Time and End Time. Then you must select a community that you are a member of to associate the event with. Lastly, enter the location of your event and Add to the calendar.

How do I delete an event I have created?
To delete an event that you have created, select the Delete Event button on your event page. A pop-up window will ask you to confirm the deletion. Select Yes, retire the event to confirm.

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Registration How do I join/register?
It is easy and free to join. Simply select JOIN TEAM on the homepage and enter your contact information. You will be sent an email with a confirmation code that you need to enter to activate your account. Once you have activated your account, you are part of team and ready to play.What if I forget my username or password?
If you need a reminder of your user name and password, please contact our website administrator at admin@wearevikingsfans.com.How do I inactivate my Account?
You can choose to leave the We Are Vikings Fans community from your MY PROFILE page.How do I change/update my profile information?
You can change your profile information at anytime by selecting the Edit box next to the area you want to edit on your MY PROFILE page.How do I change my profile picture?
You can easily change your profile picture by selecting the Change my profile picture box underneath your existing profile photo and upload a new one from your computer. You can also select a different picture already in your MY TRADING CARDS photo gallery to use as your profile picture by selecting “Make my profile picture” next to the photo.

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Website information Help, I can’t read the security code
By having members enter the code displayed, automated registrations are prevented. This reduces system loads and ensures better service performance for the user. If you do not see an image please make sure your browser is set to display all images and refresh the current page.Who do I contact with questions regarding the website?
For questions regarding the website and any technical issues please contact our website administrator at admin@wearevikingsfans.com.Back to the top
The Minnesota Vikings Where can I find game schedules?
You can access the Vikings game schedule on the Minnesota Vikings website.Where can I buy tickets?
Game tickets are available through Ticketmaster
Find out more hereHow do I become a season ticket holder?
Learn about season tickets
Find our more hereWhere do I sign up for the Purple Press newsletter?
You can sign up for the Purple Press newsletter when you sign up or anytime by checking the box in your preferences for the Purple Press newsletter.Back to the top
Privacy and security My personal information has changed, where do I update it?
Upon registration, you will be emailed a username and password. Save this information. When you are logged in you can update your profile information from your profile page.How do I report abuse?
You can report unsportsmanlike conduct and user abuse by using this form.Back to the top