GM -3 How Can a Chiefs Arrow stop an entire Vikings Ship???

GM -3 How Can a Chiefs Arrow stop an entire Vikings Ship???
Lets start with the What if…..yeah I know bla bla bla, but hear me on this one….

What if the refs had made the right call when it was clear that what they ruled not a touch down was actually indeed one, even Stevie Wonder called me saying he could see that it was actually a touchdown.

I mean with all the reply, reverse angles, 360 rotating cameras, HD TV, HDI TV, 1080p, 1080i equipment the so called NFL has, the stupid refs could not see that this was indeed a touchdown and we would have won the game by 1 point as opposed to loosing my 3????

But we lost……(tears dripping down one cheek)

I thought for sure we had this one in the bag…….After the first run by A P and he got stuffed, I thought to myself, just because a sports car goes into reverse doesn’t mean that you can’t put it in Drive and Drive…….and that’s exactly what A P did, man is he fast. Watching him my heart pounds as he makes his cut and he’s just gone, powerful.

Every time A P runs I feel like I’m on a roller coaster at Valley Fair. The good roller coaster, not the ones that hurts people…….but did you see A P did hurt someone, when he knocked the Chiefs defensive player’s helmet off. Is that considered helmet scalping???

My brother seems to think that we should just let this season go and try to get a good draft pick…..
I still have faith (but I’m not Boy George)…..I mean there’s plenty of positive to take from this last game.
Sure our defense did not get a touchdown, but we can’t always put the game on them. Holcomb looked good, he just needs to trust himself and move around in the pocket (like some loose change)  as opposed to just managing the game (even I can do that). A P is looking stronger each game. Our Offensive line is improving as the season goes on…..but they could offer more protection, it’s like having a baby that’s 9 months and trying to put some 3 months baby pampers on him or her……..
My only hope is that the coaches would grow some you know what and take some chances down the field……GO DEEP, don’t be afraid to test the waters…….we have receivers don’t we??? Rice is waiting to boil. And Mr Wade is like an Ace of Spade.
I thought we would win this one with the chiefs…..I guess you can’t take anyone for granted (I’ll remember this next time I race that 70 year old at the Bingo Relays)
Looking at the games we’ve played, we could easily have been 3 and O at this point…(Falcons, Lions, and Chiefs) go back and look at the games or score.
This week we have to send the Green Bay Packers packing. We should not let Brett Favre Set any records on us, isn’t this guy like 300 years old, I mean he was there when the first pig skin was created.
GO VIKINGS…’s still our year baby
This week’s game ball goes to A P and the entire Minnesota Vikings Fan Base….Keep hope alive.
Boima (it’s our year baby)