Minnesota Vikings’ red flag: The triviality of Kirk Cousins

With the NFL 2019 draft and the majority of the current free agencies in the past, the time to plug big holes has passed. There are still some free quality agents floating around education and commercial markets that are still open but most of the big moves will be made for this reason have been made.

While the intensive charts still have to be solved, the rulers and the front office that we see now around the tournament are largely the same as what we will see in September. Obviously, not every franchise will become a Super Bowl candidate in 2019, but some have a clearly greater weakness than others.

While the New England Patriots will have to see if another patched offense is good enough to win a title, Miami Dolphins doesn’t even know who will start the quarter-finals this season.

One thing that candidates and unknown things have in common is that weaknesses exist. Each team has a significant red flag with the potential to derail the upcoming season. We will check the people here. Based on raw statistics, Viking Kirk Cousins ​​played well in 2018. He passed 4,298 yards and hit the ball 30 times with only 10 strokes. block out. However, his overall play and especially his quality of the opponent is just average.

“I am almost a quarter of a 500 in my career so far and I don’t think that’s where you want to go, and that’s not the reason you were brought in or people were excited about you,” Cousins ​​said, according to Jeremy Bergman of NFL.com.

The cousins ​​are said to be missing pieces for a championship of great size. However, the Vikings actually dropped from 13-3 to Case Keenum in leadership positions to 8-7-1 with Cousins ​​in the center. They are 1-6 ahead of the final playoff teams. This must be considered a problem when the Vikings first entered 2019.

Can their cousins ​​prove to be a person who calls a legal franchise signal, or is he predetermined to be the best midfielder on his average? Minnesota doesn’t have a clear answer, but can’t feel like it has an elite midfield position at this time.