Sightseeing and activities in Minnesota (Part 2)

Minnesota is also famous for its sports and great nature as well as entertainment spots.

Sports in Minnesota

For sports fans, Minnesota always has opportunities to watch or play sports. With professional baseball, rugby, basketball, hockey and soccer teams, you can watch football matches all year round.

For those who want to participate directly, there are many opportunities to play sports. Students can participate in activities from jogging along the shores of Lake Superior to Ultimate Frisbee games in the afternoon. With so many pleasures, it is not surprising that the Minnesota people are among the best in the nation.

Great nature

The north bank of Lake Superior with cliffs, upstream of the majestic Mississippi River, pristine Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness – all attract visitors from far away. Thousands of lakes are scattered throughout the countryside, and a significant portion of Minnesota is covered by jungle.

Minnesota people enjoy winter! Winter enthusiasts eagerly welcome the opportunity to play snow. In the winter, Minnesota is like a large playground with cross-country ski runs, 20,000 miles of ski trails, cozy huts for ice fishing and lots of ski and snowboard areas. , including the largest ski area in Midwest America. Wearing hiking shoes on the snow and playing sled dogs are two other adventurous winter activities. And it is always possible to join the game simply by sledding to downhill in your neighborhood.

Some outstanding entertainment spots:

• More trails for bicycles than any other state, running along old railway tracks through beautiful countryside.

• Seventy two beautiful state parks and four national parks with diverse landscapes, plus a trail of North Country National Scenic Trail that runs through seven states.

• Adventure activities such as playing on Lake Superior, kayaking, mountain biking and rock climbing.

• Fishing walleye, bass, northern dogfish, rainbow trout and many small fish.