This community has become the Official Viking Fan Club section. All those who want to be part of THE Official VIKING Fan Club dedicated to our Vikings that is sponsored by the MN Viking Football Club need to join this community. SKOL SQUAD members live, breath & bleed PURPLE, and will be a Viking fan question about it. If this is you then join up right away! Watch for any updates here, send messages or posts to promote our Vikings Purple Power. We will work together with all loyal Vikings fans & communities within, such as Viking Viktory Voyage, etc…but this community will be our “home base” so to speak. Within this community we also play our own game called Tackle Tag, using the Tackle function. Please read the past Board Topic messages for details. Other activities will be coming along as well, so check in often for updates. As this community grows we may be able to find locations for the SKOL SQUAD to assemble to watch Our Vikes and cheer them onto Viktory together! Look forward to meeting you & hearing from you once you join. You’ll meet other great & loyal Viking fans in here to help build your Teammate list to have more strong fans to communicate with. All SKOL SQUAD members are welcome to add SKOLT to your Teammate list. SKOLT is the moderator of this community and is one of the Official Viking Fan Club VPs, dedicated to building up our Vikings Fan Club to become one of the best ever in the NFL! SKOL VIKINGS !