Viking Mania Fan Club

Hi and thanks for stopping by. I am currently running the Viking Mania Fan Club. To register, please go to our yahoo group, at the link listed on the bottom of this description. At our home site, you will find the directions on accessing our online registration form, so you can sign up. Please print that off, fill it out, and mail it to me at the address listed on our Files page. Once I receive your information, I will send you out your Official Viking Mania Certificate and FREE Gift Pack. Registration is free as well. We will post all Viking game reviews, game previews, player profiles, and all other Viking information I come across, including all articles on the Vikings main page. The links to the Viking home page, and credit for the articles is given to the person writing article. I only post these so my members who don’t have time to access the Vikings home page, can still keep updated with Viking news. The Viking Mania Fan Club will also host a variety of get togethers for Viking Fans all around to be at. The only cost will be for your personal food and drinks. The get togethers are listed here, as well as our home page. All Viking Mania members, their families, and friends are always welcome to join. We are also inviting travelers from out of the area to join in as well. We never turn away anyone, and try to provide a safe, fun, family environment at all our events. We invite all travelers family members and friends no matter how old they are. We hope to see you at our events! I am also doing a Viking Mania Google Blog page, where I post on all the Viking games, game reviews, player profiles, ect. I will paste and copy those on my profile page for all you to read as soon as I can. My goal is to post on my blog page then copy the post here for all of you. You are welcome to go to the blog page yourself, as I also have polls for you to vote on. I hope you all enjoy what I write, and go to my blog page to vote on our polls. SKOL VIKINGS!!!! Yahoo Group Page: Google Blog Page: