Vikings set a rush plan for quarterback Rodgers

The future Hall of Famer is vastly different with the manner that you attempt to get pressure on the passer. playing any other quarterback is no different than Aaron Rodgers. It is paramount to get pressure on the passer.

Defensive coordinator George Edwards explained that Vikings had got to do a good job just like always with their rush plan and covered their guys down the field, because they were headed right to the end zone when Rodgers started scrambling around. And they got to be disciplined as far as leverage in coverage with their eyes, then with the rush plan up front the team had got to do a good job.

A rush plan is a game-specific strategy and set of rules which set during the week by the defenses as they attempt to disrupt the quarterback and defeat their opponent’s blocking scheme. A different rush plan is needed following a pocket and non-mobile passer than a quarterback who is able to execute throws outside the pocket and is blessed with mobility. In Rodgers who can avoid pressure and throw outside the pocket, Green Bay owns one of the best quarterbacks during NFL history.

Edwards stated that this was the reason why he said it didn’t matter what system Rogers’ in, he’s such a dynamic talent who was able to have that kind of presence in the pocket for moving around still release the ball down the field and made decision at the quarterback position. He was going to carry over within what the others asked him to do. got a quick release. He would get the ability to get the ball out quick if you were pressuring him.

On Sunday the rush plan has been released. It is very important for the Vikings rushers because there is an understanding of where Rodgers may try to flee and they can be aware of what the other rushers will be doing so. In addition, the awareness of Rodgers’ ability to buy more time for those in coverage must be gained , which receivers can have an extra chance to break open.